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Mohamad H El-Batal

Seagate Technology
Office of the CTO
Longmont, CO USA
Mohamad El-Batal is the Seagate Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS) Chief Technologist, and part of the overall Seagate Office of the CTO team. He is given the opportunity to shape the Seagate EDS strategy and future storage product technology roadmap.

In his career Mohamad lead a team of talented Advanced Storage Development architects, who charted new grounds in various fields of enterprise and modern datacenter storage architectures that spanned from SSDs silicon and FTL to System Architectures and Software Solutions. Mohamad was the author of the initial Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) draft specification and was on its board of directors for multiple years. Mohamad also participated directly and indirectly in the T10, T11, T13 and NVMe committee work at various occasions.

In his career, Mohamad worked at leading storage technology companies, including Tandem, EMC, Mylex, IBM, LSI, Engenio, NetApp and Seagate. Mohamad has 20+ year history of enterprise storage architecture experience and innovation. Mohamad holds 28-issued and 12-pending storage patents, covering: Silicon, HA, FW, SSD and Systems design focus areas.